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Lately, I’m seeing more and more outdoor enthusiasts wear Timberlands when going hiking and even climbing.

I often get asked about my opinion about the phenomenon and whether these boots are suitable for a hike or a climb.

The rising popularity of the Timberland shoe has caused me to sit down and research the topic thoroughly.

In this article, I’ll delve into a popular question – are Timberlands good for hiking?

Timberland Boots – History

Founded in 1973, the Timberland boots became known for their high quality and ruggedness, earning itself a spot as a trusted and iconic brand in the footwear industry.

A lot of hiking enthusiasts started looking at the shoes, thinking it could be the ideal footwear for hikes and climbs, considering they are made of the upmost quality and craftsmanship.

Their durability was unmatched, and their iconic yellow Timberland logo became a symbol of reliability and outdoor adventure.

Gaining more and more support from hikers, the word of their comfort and reliability spread like wildfire, the Timberland boots were now seen as the to-go to option when buying hiking footwear.

So, what was so great about them?

What to look for in a hiking shoe?

Support & Stability

Ankle sprains are more common than you think, so many people bring shoes that do not provide them with enough ankle support.

When going out on a hike, make sure you are wearing fitting shoes that feel a little tight on the ankle, that way you will be able to hold your ankle in place without giving it much room to bend and sprain.

Of course, it has a lot to do with the intensity of your hike, so if you’re going on a little stroll without much climbing to do, on a straight dry path – a pair of Nike’s or any other sports shoe will suffice.


If your hike is in wet or damp conditions, then you will most likely want a shoe that won’t get ruined by water.

The Timberland boots are great in the waterproofing department, as they often will have seam-sealed construction and high-quality leather.

I’ve used Timberlands before while it was raining, and my feet stayed dry the whole time.


While Timberlands are great for waterproofing, a downside to them would be the breathability.

A lot of Timberland models have limited breathability and moisture can easily build up on hot days.

Grip & Traction

When hiking, you need excellent traction to prevent falling and slipping.

While Timberland boots have good grip and provide reliable traction with their rubber outsoles lugs and patterns, other boots are often better at providing grip and traction, especially on challenging terrains.


There’s nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable shoe on a hike, you will literally hate every second of it and won’t be able to enjoy your hike, not only that, but your feet will hurt afterward and ruin not only 1 day, but a few.

The comfort of the Timberland shoes is actually very nice, they’re padded and cushioned in the insole and collar areas.

Generally speaking, they’re very comfortable, fitting easily and comfortably, but you should know that some Timberland shoes weren’t that comfortable to wear, in the next section we will go over the best timberland shoes for a hike.

Best Timberland Models For Hiking

Timberland Men’s White Ledge ($89.99)


  • Durable
  • Padded
  • Waterproof


  • Not For Challenging/Technical Hikes

The Timberland White Ledge are great boots for non-technical hikes.

You can use them for moderate hikes.

I am personally using these shoes on moderate hikes with my family and friends, when going camping, or just walking normal non-challenging trails.

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Timberland Mt. Maddsen (  $160.00)


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Superb Traction


  • Limited Breathability

The Mt. Maddsen are a good pair of boots for more rugged terrain, as it provides a rubber lug outsole for great traction, it has nice cushioning and it’s very comfortable.

It’s great for longer hikes thanks to an anti-fatigue foot bed.

The durability is great, and the shoes overall are inexpensive and of high-quality materials.

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Pros and Cons of Timberland Boots for Hiking:

There are many factors to consider when buying hiking boots, and like any other shoe, nothing is perfect, so let’s go over the reasons why the Timberland boots are good for hiking, and why not.



The construction of the Timberland shoes is great, they are super durable and even on tough trails they will last for a long time, in my opinion, it is money well spent.

Made from high-quality materials and made nicely, they will also provide you with a lot of comfort.


What’s great about the Timberland boots is that they’re super stylish! I’ve found myself wearing them not only for hikes, but also to different evens and every day use.

They can also be used in the winter when it is raining and cold outside.


Limited for advanced hiking

If you’re climbing in a tough terrain, it is not recommended to use Timberlands, they are great for simple terrains but not for advanced ones.


I’ve heard a few times from other people who have been using Timberland boots about breathability issues in certain models, and while I, personally, didn’t struggle with it, I have used only 3 different models and cannot draw a conclusion about their breathability.

Are Timberlands good for hiking?

In short – Timberlands are not ideal for hiking, they can be used for moderate trails, but they are not ideal if you take hiking seriously and often trail advanced trails.

Now that we know all this information, let’s draw a conclusion about the question – are Timberlands good for hiking?

It depends, at the end of the day, every pair of boots has its downsides and upsides.

You are the only person who knows what types of trails you plan to hike, what are the usual weather conditions your location has, and which boots make you as comfortable and as productive while hiking.

While the Timberlands are great for hiking on non-advanced trails, they can be limiting if you intend to climb or hike advanced terrains.

The Timberland boots are stylish and inexpensive, so buying them won’t be a waste of money either way.

It depends on your activity, the boot you get will change, so to sum it all up:

If you’re hiking moderate trails, the Timberlands are a great choice.

If you’re hiking advanced trails, check out mountaineering boots or other hiking boots that are designed for hiking specifically.

Written By David Ignatchuk

June 10, 2023