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Tree climbing harnesses are compulsory for varied purposes which include recreational climbing, arboriculture, rescue operations among others since they provide a safe way of ascending trees. A perfect choice of the harness will guarantee your safety as well as success in the ascents.

In this article, we will delve into the considerations in choosing a harness, types of tree climbing harnesses to choose from, and their pros and cons, and then lay them side by side to determine what is the best harness for you!

Product Summary


Best Climbing Harness


Price: $36.99

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Best Budget Harness

Eleven Guns

Price: $36.99

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Best Durability

HandAcc Climbing Belt

Price: $55.99

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How to Choose A Tree Climbing Harness

Determine Your Kind Of Climber

The first step is to determine what kind of climbing you engage in the most. Tree climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering, and ice climbing require support with particular special needs. For instance, arborists may require a harness with tool loops while recreational climbers may seek comfort for long periods of hanging or sitting.


Comfort is highly needed, much more for hours-long climbs. A harness should not be tight on the body but not to the point that it gets in the way of movement or blood flow. Look out for cushioned harnesses in the waist belt and leg loops. Also, breathable materials minimize sweat and chafing during climbs.

Safety First and Certifications

Choose the harness that will, where possible, conform to the safety standards and have certifications of genuine societies such as the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) or CE (European Conformity). The certs will prove that the harness has been tested with respect to its strength as well as durability.

Check for Adjustability

A good tree climbing harness should have waist and leg loops and not one that is unadjustable for accommodating different clothing layers. Most importantly, it should have an adjustable waist and leg loops for accommodating the body sizes, which are foremost in ensuring secure fitting and hence one’s safety. With easy adjustment mechanisms for waist and leg loops, time is saved as the wearer does not have to waste so much time adjusting his fittings before getting on the rock.

Best Overall Harness

Ttechouter ($36.99)


  • Versatile harness
  • Great Value
  • Comfortable


  • May be difficult to tighten

The Ttechouter harness has been with me on many ascents and somehow always found a way to be my constant partner, achieving something of the perfect mix of reliability, comfort, and value that is not easy to find. My first outing in the field with the Ttechouter was on a particularly gnarly ascent where perfect comfort and versatility were paramount. The stiff but resilient polyester, derived from the sturdy half body design the harness boasted, proved as rigid in structure after many uses.

This is a harness of versatility. Whether I was navigating through dense foliage or tackling a rocky crag, the Ttechouter adapted seamlessly. It had adjustable waist and leg loops and could be worn by my friend, who has a very different build from me.

As much as I loved the flexibility in sizes that the harness provided, sometimes the fit involved putting together some sort of a puzzle, more so with cold fingers during early morning climbs.

While this is definitely an inconvenience worth considering, viewed against its overall performance and value.

Despite that sometimes it may be hard to cope with adjusting, sturdiness in the first place, comfort and adaptability will definitely make this harness rank among high-class products that show excellent user experience.

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Best Budget Harness

Eleven Guns Half Body ($36.99)


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable


  • Limited Features
  • Less Durable

In search of pocket-friendly gear which would go easy on my pocket as well as quality, the Half Body Harness of Eleven Guns was striking.

The first thing that appealed to me was the lightweight design when I went out using it in one of my local spots for tree climbing.

Claiming to deliver on both counts, the harness was said to promise flexibility and affordability in one package. Priced at an affordable $26.99, it is claimed to be great for beginners or those cost-conscious without compromising on safety.

Its strongest suit, though, is its affordability – as it makes climbing available to a wider audience.

Given the average price for harnesses, this one demonstrates that starting a climbing hobby shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.

Lightweight and adjustable, it fits a wide variety of body types well, which especially came in handy when trying to get friends interested in climbing.

We could size the harness for each person quickly and easily, making his or her first climb much more enjoyable.

Overall, with these reservations, the Eleven Guns Half Body harness comes up as an excellent value. This is an example that sometimes one should not spend the big bucks just for embarking on tree climbing. For the starters or occasional climbers, it provides to be a good base.

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Best Durability

HandAcc Climbing belts ($55.99)


  • Highly Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Enhanced Safety Features


  • Higher Price
  • Heavier

If there is anything this HandAcc Climbing Belts really deserves to be touted as a hit for, it is the durability and the very safe design.

It really showed the quality of materials the second I got this thing out of its wrapping.

Actually, this is more like one developed for serious climbers and even professionals because you can actually see the punishment of it being so frequently and rigorously used designed into this unit.

At $55.99, it’s a premium option – but to anyone who spends significant time rock climbing or in similar challenging environments, it’ll prove to be a wise purchase.

As far as durability goes, the HandAcc really shines.

I’ve used it in everything from damp, breezy conditions to dry and gritty ones, and it’s worn extremely well.

It does do good all-round comfort too, feeling soft underfoot and around the ankle despite its heavy-duty nature. The reinforced loops and secure buckles contribute to the upgraded safety features that give you the assurance when you are already high up in a tree or rock face.

For climbers in search for a harness that can keep pace with your adventures and provide years of ultra service, the HandAcc Climbing Belts is a great choice. The higher durability, comfort, and safety level definitely make it an investment for your climbing future, one that does pay climb after view.

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In Conclusion

The perfect choice of the tree climbing harness is an important decision as it will dictate and act as a determining factor for how successful your tree climbing adventure becomes.

From the flexible and good value Ttechouter for those that want comfort and value, to the Eleven Guns Half Body for those that are budget-conscious, and HandAcc Climbing Belts for those that are conscious of durability, there should be a harness for everyone.

Remember, the best harness is one that not only fits your budget and style of climbing but demands safety as well as comfort.

Ensure that your harness is properly fitted and in good form before each climbing expedition.

With all the necessary gear, you are good to go and ready to experience the thrill of tree climbing safely.

Preparedness for your tree climbing will be complete with any of these harnesses to cater for you and ensure that you beat the heights with appropriateness.

Written By David Ignatchuk

February 2, 2024