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Now and then, I stumble across products that significantly elevate my outdoor experience, and no other product has been able to do so like the tent with screen room.

A screen room is an escape, it’s a peaceful place where you and your loved ones can just sit and stargaze, or wake up in the morning to the sunshine greeting you, it’s a place to just relax and forget about the stress of your everyday life.

So if you don’t have a tent with a screen room, or you’re just looking to upgrade your old one, keep reading! I’m going to go over my favorite tents with screen rooms, and based on reviews from myself and other outdoor enthusiasts, I will help you choose the best tent with screen room.


Best Overall Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster

Price: $258.99

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Best Budget Tent

Coleman Carlsbad

Price: $119.99

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Best Family Tent

Coleman Evanston

Price: $169.95

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Best For Groups

PORTAL 8-Person

Price: $199.99

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How To Choose The Best Screen Room Tents

When choosing a screen room tent, you want to make sure you take a few factors into account, which will ensure the choice you make leads to the utmost satisfaction and value.

Tent Size

Obviously, at first, you’d want to assess the number of people you will stay in a tent with most of the time. If you often travel with another group of people, make sure to discuss with them what would be better – buying multiple tents with screen room or maybe buying one big tent to facilitate all of you and save some money and space, that way you won’t have to set up multiple tents.

The more people you have in a tent, the more space you’d obviously need, but another way to look at it is – how comfortable do you want to be? Personally, I really like to have a spacious interior, so even when I’m travelling with just my wife, I like to have a big tent, for maximum pleasure and relaxation.

So think about your requirements and desires when camping, that will help you to choose the best tent for you.

If you want to have a spacious experience, I recommend subtracting 2 from the number of people it was made for, so if a tent is an up to 6 people tent, 4 is the maximum number for a comfortable camping experience.

Screen Room Size

When I’m out with my family camping, I really enjoy setting up a table and eating in the screen room, it’s just very relaxing to sit and dine in the fresh air and stargaze.

If you’re like me, if you enjoy the feeling of freedom, then consider taking a larger screen room, believe me – you’ll thank me later. A large screen room will make a huge different, especially when you have more than 2 people in the tent.

Consider the activities you are planning to do and the number of people in the tent to make a more informed decision about the appropriate size of the screen room you will need.


The whole idea behind a screen room is to feel like the freedom of the outdoors, having a suffocated space doesn’t really help with it, so make sure to have a tent with ventilation.

Check for tents with screen room that have proper ventilation, you want windows and mesh panels that will allow consistent airflow.


One of the most important factors for me is the durability of the tent, I don’t want to buy something as expensive as this, just to have it ruined or ripped within a few uses. I take a lot of time reading about the products before I buy them and make sure that the materials they’re made from are up to my standards.

Setup Complexity

Consider the complexity of setup before buying a tent, many people are using instant tents nowadays and may run into issues if the tent requires a little more skill to set up.

There are many different tents with a screened porch, some are harder to set up than others, so make sure to understand the set-up before you buy.

Bug Protection

When buying a tent with a screen porch, you want to remember that some tents have a floorless screen room, which means that bugs can now enter your tent.

Also, make sure all the openings in the tent are made from mesh that doesn’t allow small insects to get through and infest your sleeping area.


Tents with a screened porch can weigh a lot, reaching weights of up to 50lbs (23 kg), that can be very heavy and uncomfortable to transport. Usually, the bigger the tent, the heavier it will be. The material of the tent will also make a difference in weight.

In addition, you have to consider features tents might have like telescoping or collapsing poles that might contribute to the portability of your screened room tent.

Best Overall Tent With Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster Camping Tent ($258.99)


  • Spacious
  • Weather Protection
  • Easy Setup
  • Great Ventilation


  • Heavy & Limited Portability

Number of People: 6 People

Screen Room Size: 9’ x 6’ (274 cm x 182 cm)

Sleeping Room Size: 11’ x 9’ (335 cm x 274 cm)

Height: 6-foot 8-inch

Features: E-Port, Storage Pockets, Rainfly, Carry Bag

As our top choice, crowned as the best tent with screen room comes the Coleman WeatherMaster, based on all the factors, the features it offers and its price, it’s an easy pick. The Coleman WeatherMaster is the ultimate tent with screen room, it just feels like a premium product at an affordable price.

The tent is made for up to 6 people, the main room measures at 11’ x 9’ (335 cm x 274 cm), providing a rather spacious interior space. The screen room is 9’ x 6’ (274 cm x 182 cm), big enough to set up a dining area. You can leave the mesh door wide open to extend the canopy, making the tent feel even bigger while maintaining a bug free experience thanks to the mesh door. It also has a hinged door for easy enter and exit.

The WeatherMaster can withstand the harshest weather conditions and provides perfect weather protection thanks to its sturdy build and features. The tent features inverted seams to hide the needle holes inside the tent, the floors are completely waterproof, there’s zipper protection and also the windows are angled, to keep the rain out even when the windows are open – all these features give this tent with screen room the title of “Weather Master”.

The setup is rather easy and quick due to the color-coded poles and easy to understand instructions, even if you’re a beginner and not used to setting tents, this one will be a breeze. The whole setup process should take a maximum of 20 minutes.

WeatherMaster has mesh panels and angled windows, providing you with great airflow & ventilation.

In the additional features department, the WeatherMaster has storage pockets to keep your stuff organized and safe. It has access points for an electric cord, so you can bring in electricity safely into the tent.

The only issue I have with this tent is that it’s heavy, but what can you expect from a high-quality tent that’s made to provide shelter for up to 6 people? Yet, it’s rather difficult to be portable when using the WeatherMaster, if you’re planning to move around a lot, then considering getting a different more portable tent with screen room.

Overall, the WeatherMaster is the perfect tent with screen room in my opinion, it has all the features you’d want your tent to have, and for the price that it’s listed for – it’s a gem. The only thing to consider this tent is the portability of it.

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Best Budget Friendly Tent

Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room ($119.99)


  • Dark Room Technology
  • Reduces Heat
  • Weather Protection
  • Great Ventilation
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited Privacy

Number of People: 4-Persons \ 6-Persons

Screen Room Size: 9 x 4 ft (274 cm x 121 cm) \ 10 x 5 ft (304 cm x 152 cm)

Sleeping Room Size: 9 x 7 ft (274 cm x 213 cm) \ 10 x 9 ft (304 cm x 274 cm)

Height: 4 ft. 11 in. \ 5 ft. 8 in

Features: E-port, Blocks Sunlight, Storage Pockets, Carry Bag, Rainfly

As my budget pick, I’m choosing the Coleman Carlsbad camping tent due to its fair price and comfortable design. The Carlsbad creates a comfortable sleeping environment for those who like to sleep a little longer!

The tent features dark room technology that blocks 90% of sunlight, preventing the morning sun from waking you up. In addition, the tent will be much cooler during the day while the sun is out, so even on the hottest days you will be able to protect yourself from the heat. A great feature for people who like sleeping longer, it’s also great for parents of small kids who need to nap during the day.

The Carlsbad tent with screen room is available for both 4-persons and 6-persons. The 4-persons screen room is 9 x 4 ft (274 cm x 121 cm) while the main room is 9 x 7 ft (274 cm x 213 cm). The 6-persons screen room is 10 x 5 ft (304 cm x 152 cm) while the main room is 10 x 9 ft (304 cm x 274 cm). The screen room has a mesh door that allows for better ventilation and convenient exit & entry when unzipped, and a great bug-free relaxation and sleeping area when zipped.

For a bug-free experience, the screen room has a floor, so you can relax there without worrying about bugs and insects.

The setup process is conventional and is as easy as a regular tent, it will take you a maximum of 15 minutes to set it up completely, allowing you more time to enjoy what’s actually fun, the camping itself.

This tent with screen room has a rainfly for extra weather protection, it also has inverted seams, and welded corners, per the manual, it can withstand winds of up to 35mph.

It includes storage pockets, an E-Port for electricity, and can be packed effortlessly into an included carry-on bag.

You also get a 1-year warranty when purchasing it, so if you end up not liking it, or anything breaks – you can get an easy refund from Coleman.

I do have a few issues with this specific model, in my opinion, the advertised 90% reduced light isn’t actually 90%, I’m not certain how this number was reached but from personally staying in the tent, it still passes light through it, it still provides a good dark room experience, but not as much as some people might want or need. In addition, the fabric is pretty see through, so when you turn the light inside the tent, people outside can see into your tent, which can be a potential privacy concern.

Overall, this is a popular screened porch tent among campers for a good reason, it offers some cool features that many people like, including me. While the dark room technology is not perfect, it certainly does the job and helps you sleep better and not wake up at the slightest ray of light. Of course, as I discussed before, the privacy concerns should be taken seriously, and if privacy is something you care about, check out other tents.

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Best Family Camping Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Camping Tent ($169.95)


  • Spacious
  • Weatherproof
  • Superb Ventilation
  • Easy Setup


  • Only 2 Storage Pockets For 6 – 8 People
  • No Electric Cord Openings

Number of People: 6-Persons \ 8-Persons

Screen Room Size: 10 x 5 feet (304 cm x 152 cm) Both Sizes

Sleeping Room Size: 10 x 9 feet (304 cm x 274 cm) \ 15 x 10 feet (457 cm x 304 cm)

Height: 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) \ 6 ft (182 cm)

Features: Rainfly, Storage Pockets, Carry Bag

The Coleman Evanston is an outstanding camping tent with screen room for families and groups, due to its spaciousness and durability.

This tent with screen room has a 6-person and an 8-person version, both providing a generous floor space in comparison to other tents.

The best part about the Evanston model, is the center height, being quite high, as the 6-people version center height measures at 5 ft 11 in, and the 8-people version measures at 6 ft.

The screen room measures at 10 x 5 feet (304 cm x 152 cm) for both the 6-people and 8-people versions, while the main room of the 6-people version is 10 x 9 feet (304 cm x 274 cm) and 15 x 10 feet (457 cm x 304 cm) for the 8-people version.

The screen room has a full floor space, making it possible to sleep on the screen room floor, although not recommended, it is possible, and I’ve done it a few times when the weather conditions allowed.

With the Coleman Evanston, everywhere you look – you’ll see mesh. It has large mesh windows, the roof has mesh and the screen room is surrounded by mesh, which is a wonderful thing for ventilation. The ventilation system in this tent is beyond fantastic, allowing a lot of airflow on hot days. The window awnings allow airflow even when it rains, without letting any rain inside the tent!

During bad weather, you have standard Coleman features that we saw in the previous tents like inverted seams, zipper protection and more. In addition, a rainfly is included for protection in bad weather. This tent can easily withstand winds up to 35mph.

Setup shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes, just like any other tent with screen room, nothing complicated or extraordinary with this tent, you should receive clear instructions with your delivery and assemble it effortlessly.

The tent has storage pockets to store your valuables. It also comes with a carry bag for added portability.

Now, there are a couple of cons about this tent.

Firstly, while it is spacious and can fit up to 8 people in it, it has only 2 storage pockets, which is super inconvenient if you’re many people, there’s no way you can fit all your stuff in those 2 tiny pockets.

Secondly, there are no openings for a cable cord, which is not ideal if you’re trying to have electricity running.

Overall, the Coleman Evanston offers many great things with a couple of cons, still, I think that this is one of the best family tents out there.

It is a super popular dome tent that provides a lot of comfort and spaciousness to many campers, especially those who often camp in large groups and need a large tent.

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Large Tent for Big Groups

PORTAL 8-Person Family Camping ($199.99)


  • Spacious
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Difficult Setup

Number of People: 8-Persons

Screen Room Size: 6 x 8 feet (182 cm x 243 cm)

Sleeping Room Size: 14 x 8 feet (426 cm x 243 cm)

Height: 76 inches (193 cm)

Features: Carabiner Clip, E-Port, Storage Pockets, Mud Mat, Rainfly, Carry Bag

Going on a camping trip with many people and need a big tent to accommodate everyone with maximum convenience and comfort? That’s what the PORTAL 8-person camping tent is for!

The PORTAL tent provides a spacious and comfortable living area in addition to its huge screen room!

The main room measures at 14 x 8 feet (426 cm x 243 cm), while the screen room measures at 6 x 8 feet (182 cm x 243 cm), the center height is 76 inches (193 cm).

In this roomy tent, you can move around conveniently and stand up straight even if you’re tall, making it ideal for large groups who want to stay comfortably.

Setting up such a large tent can be tough, and the help of at least 2–3 people is needed to set it up properly. The instructions are clear, it’s not a difficult task, but it will be much easier for 2–3 people to set it up. If you’re running into problems, you can check the video on the product page.

The screen room is huge and can be turned into a dining area.

The netting is excellent, not only keeping bugs away but also allowing airflow and ventilation, ensuring cool air circulation in your tent.
There’s no floor in the screen room, so sleeping there is not recommended, although a tarp can be used to create a floor.

Water-resistant coating and fully taped seams ensure that your tent interior stays dry even in the harshest weather. Make sure to secure your tent to the ground with the steel stakes provided.

The tent is relatively lightweight for its size, weighing only 25.8lbs (11.7 kg). Additionally, a carry bag is included that makes transportation and storage an easy task. This tent with screen room is super convenient and practical for a portable camping experience.

The PORTAL tent has been designed with convenience in mind and has a few outstanding features.

It has an E-Port for your cable cord, a carabiner clip to hang a lamp, storage pockets to store your belongings, a detachable mud mat to keep your tent clean and more!

This tent has it all, it’s a great product at a reasonable price, and I love it!

Overall, the portal-8 is a really comfortable, spacious camping tent. It has plenty of useful features that provide the perfect camping experience for large groups. If you’re looking for a big tent to accommodate your big family or group, then the Portal-8 is the way to go.

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Wenzel Klondike 8 Person (Check price)


  • Spacious
  • Cheapest Tent
  • Excellent Ventilation


  • Not very durable

Number of People: 8 Persons

Screen Room Size: 6 x 10 feet (182 cm x 304 cm)

Sleeping Room Size: 16 x 11 feet (487 cm x 335 cm)

Height: 6ft (2 m)

Features: Carabiner Clip, E-Port, Storage Pockets, Rainfly.

Another great big camping tent with screen room is the Wenzel Klondike tent. I’ve seen many people use this specific model and all I’ve heard from them is praise, and from checking it out myself, I now understand why.

It’s super spacious, the floor space measures at 16 x 11 feet (487 cm x 335 cm), while the screen room is 6 x 10 feet (182 cm x 304 cm), the screen room is huge here, big enough to put a table and chairs there, it can also be used for gear storage.

The center height is over 6ft (2 m), allowing you to walk around freely and comfortably.

Other than that, the screened in porch screen room can be converted into another room to sleep in, simply zip up the mesh windows to create a 2nd spacious room.

The tent is made from polyester fabric and a water-resistant coating, which is known to be the go-to fabric to keep you dry.

The roof and windows are made of mesh, allowing consistent airflow and breeze to freely move in your tent, enjoy your summer camping days more with good air circulation.

The setup is rather easy, but like other big tents, it’s recommended to have a helping hand or two to set up the tent faster and easily.

The tent has a carabiner clip for your lamp or lantern, it has storage pockets to store valuable and an e-port to run electricity in the tent.

The main issue with this tent is the durability, I’ve noticed it’s not the best quality, but what can you expect from a cheap tent?

Overall, this is a pretty nice tent, it’s very cheap for an 8-person tent and provides a lot of comfort while giving you a fair price.

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Coleman Steel Creek ($149.99)


  • Instant tent
  • WeatherTec System Keeps You Dry
  • Lots of storage
  • Sturdy


  • Little for 6 people
  • Rainfly is a little small

Number of People: 6-Persons

Screen Room Size: 10 x 5-foot (304 cm x 152 cm)

Sleeping Room Size: 10 x 9 feet (304 cm x 274 cm)

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)

Features: Instant tent, Rainfly, Carry bag, Gear Loft, Storage Pockets, E-Port

This Coleman dome tent is one of the best tents with screen room for 6-people due to its features and high-quality materials.

The best part about it is that it includes pre-attached poles, making it an instant tent with fast setup capability. Sets up in only 7 minutes! Spend more time enjoying your camping, and less time assembling the tent.

You can fit two queen-sized beds into the tent, the main room size being 10 x 9 feet (304 cm x 274 cm) with a 10 x 5-foot (304 cm x 152 cm) screen room. The center height being 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). The tent can accommodate up to 6 people, but keep in mind that it would be really tight in there if you go as 6, I’d say this tent is better for 3–4 people to feel comfortable in.

It has a neat and spacious screen room, can fit 2–3 chairs to sit and enjoy your morning or evening. The screened-in room provides a lot of ventilation and a bug-free experience, you can always open the screen room divider to let more air flow into the tent.

Mesh roof vents and windows help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent, allowing air to circulate constantly, creating a more breathable environment while reducing heat.

When the weather is nice, 1–2 people can easily fit in there, I, personally, slept on the tent floor accidentally while relaxing, and it was one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had.

The window awnings keep the airflow and circulation while keeping the rain out of your tent.

Like other tents, this Coleman tent also has a rainfly included and a WeatherTec system that will keep you dry. Inverted seams and welded floors will stop any leakage.

The frame is sturdy, made from fiberglass and steel, making your tent be able to withstand winds of up to 35mph.

The tent has a gear loft and mesh storage pockets on the wall for additional storage space. It’s so easy to lose stuff in the tent, but thankfully these storage solutions make it much easier to not lose anything.

The tent comes with an included carry bag that can be transformed into more storage space.

There’s also an E-port to bring electricity easily into the tent.

One of the issues I see with this tent is that it’s not as spacious as I’d like a 6-person tent to be, so personally, I rather use this for a maximum of 4 people.

Also, the rainfly is a little small, so if it rains heavily the screen room can get wet, it’s not a big deal as it will dry quickly, but still, something to mention.

Overall, this tent has everything you’d need for a nice camping experience, I, personally, would recommend this tent for family camping, it’s an easy instant tent, great for people with kids that just want to set everything up as fast as possible.

It’s high-quality and sturdy, and for the price of just $149.99 – it’s a bargain.

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Coleman Cabin Camping Tent ($219.99 – $269.99)


  • Spacious
  • Vertical Walls
  • Easy Setup


  • Heavy

Number of People: 4-Persons \ 6-Persons

Screen Room Size: 4 x 8 feet (121 cm x 243 cm) \ 4 x 10 feet (121 cm x 304 cm)

Sleeping Room Size: 7 x 8 feet (213 cm x 243 cm) \ 9 x 10 ft (274 cm x 304 cm)

Height: 6ft \ 6ft 4in

Features: E-Port, storage pockets, rainfly, carry bag

Finally, we got the Coleman Cabin Tent, which comes in both 4-person and 6-person variations. Emphasizing generous space, this tent provides an incredibly roomy experience!

The dimensions accurately represent the stated capacity, ensuring that a 4-person tent actually feels spacious and comfortable for its intended occupants. Unlike many other tents where you might feel cramped and squeezed, this tent offers ample room for each individual.

Thanks to the vertical walls and the height of the tent (6ft), you don’t have to worry about walking hunched anymore.
The screen room divider can be opened, and the screen room closed to create another room, enlarging the floor space, and creating more sleeping space.

The windows are panoramic and, together with the ground vents, offer a lot of ventilation and great airflow.

This tent is easy to set up thanks to the 3-pole design and color coded sleeves. Installation should take around 10 minutes, if you’re getting the 6-persons tent, it’s recommended to have at least 2 people for easier setup.

Additionally, the tent features an E-Port, a rainfly, storage pockets and a carry bag.

The one issue I have with this tent is that it’s heavy! Weighing 10.9 kg for the 4-persons tent and 13.2 kg for the 6-persons tent, so walking too long with it may be difficult, you’ll need to transport it to the camping site.

Overall, this is a really nice tent, it’s spacious and has many cool features that elevate your camping experience, the height of the tent is a huge plus for tall people who are sick and tired of tents making them walk hunched. Other than the weight problem, I don’t see any other issues and I highly recommend this tent with screen room.

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Do Screen Rooms Have Floors?

Most tents with a screened porch will not have built-in floors, as it allows you to set up the tent more easily and enjoy a more ventilated space.

There are some tents that offer flooring for your screen room as an extension. If you’re looking for a screen room with flooring, then make sure to check what the tent includes in the package.

It’s important to note that most of the tents do not have floors because it’s not suitable for a sleeping area.

Can I sleep in a screen room?

It’s not recommended to sleep in a screen room, but I have fallen asleep a few times while relaxing and stargazing, it’s actually effortless to fall asleep there, the calming feeling you get while there is unmatched.

While most screen rooms don’t have a floor, and rain can penetrate the mesh, making it challenging to sleep in them during rainy days and bug-infested areas, it is still possible to enjoy a sleep in the screen room in favorable conditions.

Do blackout tents work?

Blackout tents absolutely work, they are a great solution for sleeping longer without being disrupted by the sun. Additionally, when the tent is darkened, the sleeping area is 5C cooler than in normal tents without the dark room technology.

Many people like to sleep in when camping, but the morning sun always wakes you up, making it hard to sleep. If you’re one of those people, then it is recommended you get yourself a blackout tent!

Are tents with screen rooms worth it?

I’ve been asked this question quite a lot in the last few months, and I find it a weird question, it’s a personal preference.

Do you like having some extra space? A porch to sit at when you wake up in the morning, or a place to lay at when stargazing at night? Then screen rooms are definitely worth it.

Many people don’t like tents with screen rooms because they think that they’re harder to set up or that the extra cost isn’t worth it, but the price difference isn’t that big between a regular tent and a tent with a screen room, you can find affordable ones even in this article.

Overall, it’s a personal experience, in my opinion, yes, they’re worth it, there’s no better feeling for me than waking up and drinking a cup of coffee on my porch, starting the day on a positive note.

In Conclusion

A tent with a screen room can be a wonderful addition to your camping gear. It’s a versatile place to sit back and relax, eat outside while sheltering from bugs or rain, or just stargaze with your loved ones on a starry night.

A screen room can truly elevate your camping experience, and if you consider all the factors and advice in this article, then your screen porch tent should add a new level of enjoyment to your camping experiences.

I went over my favorite screen room tents, going in details about how to choose the best tent with a screen room, reviewing 7 of my favorite tents, and listing all the pros and cons.


Written By David Ignatchuk

June 25, 2023