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It’s time to keep your ropes clean of dirt, it’s time to better pack and be more efficient by getting yourself a new rope bag.

A good rope bag doesn’t only provide you with rope protection and comfortable carrying, but also keeps your rope from twisting, getting dirty and slippery, ensuring your safety during climbs.

We put 10 climbing rope bags to the test to try and find the ultimate rope bag for your next expedition, If you want to level up your climbing, it’s time to get yourself some professional climbing gear.

Quick Product overview

Best Overall Rope Bags – Notch Pro Large Bag \ Black Diamond Stone 42 Liter Duffel

The Best Budget Rope Bag – NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Rope Bag

Best Gym Rope Bag – Petzl KLIFF Rope Bag

The Best For Long Ropes – DMM Classic Rope Bag

Best Overall Rope Bag

Notch Pro Large Bag

Price: $99.99

Capacity: 43L

As our first pick and best overall rope bag, we went with the Notch bag, due to its durability, capacity and futuristic design.

It’s expensive but definitely worth the money as it will last forever.

Its 43L capacity ensures you will be able to carry a lot of rope and other equipment with you. We were able to fit a 200ft rope in it with room to spare, or a 150ft rope with a helmet, some tools and a saddle.

It’s made of thick fibers to ensure you get the best your money can buy, in our opinion – you can’t go wrong with the Notch bag, so if you have any doubts, take the Notch to your next climb!

The only issue with it is the lack of backpack straps, so isn’t very comfortable to have on long expeditions.

Overall, this is one of the best climbing rope bags money can buy, it is durable, it is big, comfortable and gives you a good value for your money even though it’s costly.


  • High Capacity
  • High Durability


  • No Shoulder Straps
  • Expensive

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Black Diamond Stone 42 Liter Duffel

Price: $99.95

Capacity: 42 L

We couldn’t not include the black diamond stone 42 liter duffle, as it’s well-known and used by outdoor enthusiasts.

The folks at Black Diamond have provided us with a great product once again, it seems like a lot of effort and though was put into this.

Starting with the design, this rope bag looks remarkable and is one of the most badass rope bags you can have in your possession, and will elevate your climbing gear by a lot.

It has a good capacity and can store a lot of gear, we were able to store a 70 m rope, a harness, a belay device, glasses, a helmet and shoes with some extra storage room to spare.

Full-length zipper to open and close the bag, there’s a removable tarp on the inside, not a large tarp but can fit most ropes on it.

There are 2 pockets on the inside, giving it some more storage for small accessories.

The Black Diamond 42L Duffle is a work of heart, we love using it and still use it until now, we are tying this bag and the Notch pro bag in 1st place for best overall rope bag because we simply cannot choose which is better, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.


  • High Capacity
  • Has a tarp
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

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Best Budget Rope Bag

NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Rope Bag

Price: $19.99

Not everyone needs a fancy bag, some just need one with a purpose.

The NiceClimbs rope bag is inexpensive and serves as a great bag, giving you everything you need a rope bag to be.

Firstly, it has a high capacity, we were able to fit 300ft of rope in it easily, you can fit anything in here, anything you would need for a great expedition.

Secondly, it’s very comfortable, it has straps and can be carried on your back very comfortably and securely.

Lastly, it’s easy to avoid a tangled mess using the tarp and the loops, just tie in loops and you have an untangled rope ready for action.

The tarp opens up nicely, giving you a pretty big surface area to put your rope on.


  • Inexpensive
  • High Capacity
  • Comfortable


  • Not as durable

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Best Gym Rope Bag

Petzl Kab Rope Bag

Price: $79.95

Capacity: 27L

The Petzl Kab can store a rope of up to 60 m or 200′ feet, it’s great for the gym, and for overall everyday use.

The interesting part about it is the padded laptop sleeve and the pockets it has, you can not only bring a rope with you but also your anything you would pack in a normal bag would.

Petzl Kab is a great product for gym climbing with a removable tarp, giving you a large area to put your rope on.

This rope bag can also serve as a backpack due to its neat design.


  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Removable tarp
  • Nice Design


  • Expensive
  • Not good for long approaches

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Best For Long Ropes

DMM Classic Rope Bag

Price: $64.95

The DMM Classic is a well-known rope bag that is used by professionals and amateurs, it is well-loved among the community, and we surely see why.

It’s easy to use, can be carried as a backpack and as a duffle bag, the compression straps make it easy to fit everything inside.

The tarp size is nice and isn’t attached to the bag itself, so it can be replaced if needed.

We were able to fit a 100ft rope, a harness, a chalk bag, shoes, helmet and a few more tools.

The price is right, and we would say this is one of the best value for money rope bags, it’s a game changer when it comes to climbing gear.


  • High Capacity
  • Comfortable Tarp
  • Easy Packing


  • Straps can get worn out quickly

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Notch Pro 250 Bag

Price: $54.99

Capacity: 28 L

The smaller version of one of our favorite rope bags, the Notch Pro 250, is a great alternative if you don’t want to break the bank or don’t need all that extra storage.

The Notch bag provides great durability due to its high-quality fabric and reinforced seams.

Can fit a 5/8″ 200′ bull rope in it, great to take on short approaches with you.

Very sturdy, good quality overall, can even be used as a gym bag – you can’t go wrong with Notch products

We bought it for the test and ended up enjoying it so much we ordered 2 more, it’s an outstanding piece of extra gear that comes in useful in keeping the rope clean and the dirt away.


  • High-quality gear
  • Durable


  • Medium Capacity

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Rock-N-Rescue Arbor Rope Storage Bag

Price: $48.95

The RNA Rope storage bag is a very practical bag for outdoor climbing, it’s easy to open and close, it’s waterproof, and it has 4 extra storage pockets to store your other items, a pocket on every side.

The bag has 2 sizes, the 150′ and 200′, and comes in different colors which is comfortable to buy a few of these and organize your gear by color

The pockets are a nice touch up, we were able to put a bunch of small items in them, and it’s just comfortable to access them in a jiff.

The only issue with it is the material and shape, it’s not very durable and doesn’t stand upright while trying to flake the rope into the bag.


  • Extra Storage Pockets
  • Waterproof Material
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t stand upright

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Honorable Mention

Black Diamond Super Chute

Price: $54.95

Black Diamond is one of our favorite gear manufacturers, anything they create is a sure warranty of quality.

The Black Diamond Super Chute is no different, it is a good quality, high-capacity rope bag designed for ropes up to 80 m or 260′ ft.

It’s designed for outdoor climbers, hikers and can even be used as a gym bag for storing gym equipment.

It’s a tad expensive but totally worth it knowing it’s made by black diamond, who has made other great rope bags such as the Black Diamond Stone 42 Liter Duffel.

The only downside is there’s no storage pocket for smaller accessories.


  • High-Quality Gear
  • High Capacity


  • Not as good as other Black Diamond bags

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RNA Plain Jane II Rope Bag

Price: $34.99

The RNA Plain Jane is a simple yet effective rope bag, and a smaller rope bag than our previous bag, pack your flaked rope and be on the way!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re outdoor climbing or gym climbing, this rope bag will keep your rope safe and untangled.

It’s easy to be carried by its 2 polyester handles, it is made for the harshest conditions and serves its purpose of keeping your rope clean and safe, It’s great to take for short adventures, great to store rope for belay purposes, a very solid choice for a budget climbing rope bag.

The shape of the Plain Jane might make it a bit difficult to flake your rope into it, you’ll have to hold the opening for smooth flaking.


  • Cheap
  • Waterproof


  • Limited Capacity

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Why You Should Use Rope Bags

A rope bag is going to differentiate a starting climber and an experienced one.

First, it’s important to protect your ropes, they are your lifeline when going out on a dangerous adventure, whether it is belaying or rappelling, you need your rope to be in the best condition possible, a good rope bag might even save your life.

In the winter or in adventures that involve water – it is essential to have a water-resistant rope bag that will keep your rope safe.

Secondly, it is way more comfortable to carry a rope inside a bag that is designed for it, as it will fit better and will be easier to use and pull out.

Lastly, having a few rope bags can be used to differentiate different ropes, each bag for a different rope gives you faster access to it and reduces organization problems.

The best part about most rope bags is that they can be used as backpacks, given their large pack capacity, they can be used for anything from the gym, to indoor climbing or even to pack your other essentials in it

How To Choose A Rope Bag

When considering purchasing a climbing rope bag, it is crucial to understand the differences and powers in play when choosing a rope bag.

While we review tested rope bags and review each and one of them carefully, it is important to not just take our word for it, but to also understand your expectations to make the best decision for yourself.

Everyone’s needs are different, and your needs might differ from ours, and the activities that you involve yourself in while hiking and climbing can determine the durability and usefulness of the bag you pack.

So let’s go over some of the important factors to consider when choosing a new rope bag.


Color can be used for rope management for those who need it, you can use different bag colors for different ropes to be able to quickly grab the rope you need.


Rope bags come in different sizes and shapes, and knowing what you need to put inside will determine the rope bag most fitted for you, Some climbers will need thicker and longer ropes for their activities, so if you’re one of them, consider having a bigger capacity rope bag.

We have specified underneath some bags the capacity of it, for our readers’ convenience, not all bags have a specific capacity.

A high-capacity bag can also be used for other items, you could pack your other gear in it.


Having the rope bag on your shoulders or in your hand will put a strain on you if it is not comfortable to carry around.

Think about what you need to be able to enjoy complete comfort.

Are you looking for shoulder straps? Do you prefer a hand carry rope bag?

When taking all of these factors into account, there is no way your choice will be wrong.


As with any product – the need for a durable product is always important. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money and have the bag ruined after a few days.

We all love durable products, if you’re looking for a new rope bag that is durable – we recommend the DMM Classic Rope Bag.


Another thing to take into consideration is the tarp, some bags have tarps, and other bags don’t have tarps.

Some climbers might need tarps for safety reasons to keep the rope from touching a muddy ground or dirt.

Final Words

We have gone over our favorite rope bags and put them through the test to find the best rope bag for you, We have learned that rope bags come in different shapes and forms, and that every each and one of those has their strength and weaknesses.

Whether you are looking for a bag for outdoor climbing, or a bag for indoor sport climbing, by careful consideration you will find one that is going to satisfy your gear needs.

Now you can use the knowledge and level up your gear by a few levels, get yourself a good rope bag for your next climb, protect your rope from dirt, have more pack capacity, and you will see how much of a difference it can make.

Written By David Ignatchuk

April 5, 2023